I searched and searched for a photographer who offered something a little different than traditional wedding photos and I found Sasha. I couldn’t have been more excited when we received 50 of our photos so shortly after the wedding and they were the most gorgeous photos I’ve ever seen. I was so concerned with how we were going to look and how awkward I am in photos but she truly made us look incredible. Our photos are unique and beautiful and I have had so many people, from friends, to relatives, to coworkers, to acquaintances, tell me that they are the best wedding photos they’ve ever seen. She captured moments of me crying and I have never seen an ugly cry look so emotional and beautiful at the same time. Not only did she produce INSANELY gorgeous photos but her entire demeanor made me feel completely at ease. I would mention that I wanted help with something, or that I needed someone or something and she was the first person trying to assist. At the same time, she was so stealthy that I didn’t notice her during the ceremony or during the reception, she just managed to be there and take the most intimate photos without being seen. I truly cannot recommend her enough and highly suggest you reach out to her to see what she can do for you. Sasha, thank you for being so incredible and providing me with my absolute favorite memento from the wedding. You managed to make two super awkward humans look like a million bucks. I don’t think I’ve ever been inclined to write such a glowing review for someone before in my life but I am blown away by your professionalism and skill. Book her, you wont regret it.
— Brittany (bride) via theknot.com
Creative, organized, kind, and energetic!! So wonderful and easy to work with.
— Doug (groom) via Facebook.com
Sasha is AMAZING! We were meant to get married outside, but due to weather had to move to our plan B indoor location. Sasha was so jazzed about the indoor space and helped me to get excited about it too! She was a great calm presence in our wedding day and went above and beyond to capture beautiful images and make sure we were comfortable. She even took a hair clip out of her own hair to give it to my (now) husband to fix his flopping boutonnière. We got a sneak preview just a few days after our wedding and got the full album about 2 weeks later (vs the may months that I’ve heard friends waiting!). I could say a hundred good things about Sasha but I think it’s better to share what my guests said. One said that ours were the best wedding photos she’d EVER seen. Another said “The best decision you made in wedding planning was choosing that photographer!!” We love all of our photos and loved the experience of the day with Sasha. Book her!!!
— Sarah (bride) via theknot.com
Sasha is amazing! Great to work with and the photos came out perfect. We barely even noticed she was there for our wedding day but the photos are proof that she was running around behind the scenes the entire time.
— Ryan (groom) via Facebook.com
Sasha was AMAZING. I recommend to her to everyone I know getting married in/around New England. She took engagement photos and wedding photos for us, and was up for anything (including me reaching out to her a few weeks before the wedding, and saying, ‘I’ve seen some wedding photos with smoke bombs and they look cool, thoughts?’ - and her answer was, ‘LET’S DO IT’). She is laid-back, easy to get along with, and that totally set the low-stress tone the day of the wedding. Even after our wedding, not only did our guests comment on how just thoughtful and friendly she was and how she seemed to be everywhere at once, but our venue coordinator sent along a note saying how much she enjoyed working with her.

Also, right, all of our pictures turned out fantastically (and the pictures where we used smoke bombs were awesome). My husband and I cherish them. I don’t know how she captured as much of the day as she did, or as many fantastic candids as she did, but her pictures allow us to relive the day over and over. We cannot recommend her enough!
— Stephanie (bride) via weddingwire.com
Do yourselves a favor and make Sasha Pedro one of your first calls when planning your wedding. She is everything you could want in a wedding photographer. Professional, sweet, and incredibly talented. She is truly an artist. We knew we didn’t want an album of perfectly posed photos and Sasha did an amazing job capturing all of the more candid moments and the real emotions on our special day. (If you do want an album of perfectly posed photos I’m sure she would rock that too!) When we look through our wedding photos we feel like we are reliving the day every time. I adore Sasha as a human being and a photographer! Book her now!
— Kirstie (bride) via theknot.com


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